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Is your LinkedIn Lacking Luster? Try These Tips

I know we all live in a world that has so many demands – and oftentimes the things that aren’t incorporated in our daily routines will fall by the wayside. “Do I have to manage another social media account?!” is a thought that a lot of us may have and while it may be true; it doesn’t have to be painful. Check out the tips below to stay locked in and loaded with all of the benefits LinkedIn has to offer.

Make small updates regularly

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your profile, be sure to update your contact information and location. Recruiters will use what’s listed on your existing profile to potentially connect you with opportunities. Don’t make the very common mistake of only updating your LinkedIn profile when you’re looking to transition into a new role or company. Be sure to update your skillset as things naturally progress in your career. Worked on a new project? Obtained a new certification? While the information is still fresh, take a few moments to make small, yet impactful tweaks to your profile.

Connect with like-minded individuals

After all, this is an account specifically used to connect you with people that you may or may not come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. Reconnect with old colleagues or search for other professionals in or outside of your industry. Diversifying who you connect with will create a huge knowledge base that you can leverage at any time.

Engage with your connections

There are so many resources LinkedIn offers to share your personal thoughts and opinions on a limitless number of topics. Choose a new article daily and comment your ‘aha’ moments. You’d be very surprised at the input others will provide. Share your own personal stories to help create an authentic network and spark up new conversations as your schedule allows. This can be done while drinking your cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning – or at night before getting some rest.

Rally recommendations from trusted colleagues

Recommendations not only strengthen your profile, but it showcases how others perceive your output of work. While your profile is a summary of what you’ve done – having testimonials about your performance serves as a solid reference and further solidifies the skills you’ve highlighted.

Review your own profile as if you were a potential employer

Would you hire you based on the information listed in your profile? Approach this as an auditor and take the time to review if there are any details that may be missing or can be misinterpreted by the reader. Adapting the lens of a third-party will actually help further strengthen the information you’ve provided. Remember, sometimes less is more. Be concise, yet thorough when explaining potentially complex scenarios.

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